BUFFALO EYES Jul 07, 2015
Buffalo Eyes

I’ve had some really outstanding teachers in my lifetime, such as my second grade teacher who made me feel comfortable in a brand new elementary school. My junior high gym teacher truly helped me to believe in myself; to know that there was an athlete inside of me, and I didn’t have to be the last one picked when playing dodgeball. In high school I had a teacher who taught me the nuts and bolts of grammar, which has been a huge help in life, and in college, my humanities professor was passionate about what he taught, and it was contagious. But that was many years ago…

Now I have a new teacher and mentor: flowers and nature. They have been an amazing guide for me in the lessons of life.

The wind has taught me patience to wait for the right moment. Perennials, bulbs, tubers and seeds in the quiet space of winter underground covered in a blanket of snow as they nurture themselves for their blooming season…I’ve learned from them that I, too, need to take time to do the same, so I can be the best ‘flower’ I can be.

For the rest of this summer through early fall, when I’m in Vermont where I created my cutting garden, I will give an update of it on Tuesday’s Flower Blog. Sadly, every now and then I have to go out of town for work or other reasons, but I will do my best to get an update from my neighbor to share. I look forward to watching it grow with you!

my cutting garden update, july 7th | I’m very excited to say (though I might just be so geeky as to say that each week…) that all of the seeds have now germinated, and due to all of the rain we’ve been receiving, some of the earlier ones have really taken off! I imagine many buds will be showing when I come back to Vermont later in July. Note: I’m hoping to be able to share updates with you while I’m away, as I’ve commandeered my neighbor, Suzy, to check in when she has a chance.

My Cutting Garden

Please share with me any lessons flowers or nature have taught you.

Featured Flower: Buffalo Eyes a.k.a. Five Spot Seed from my 2013 cutting garden

Floating Petals

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