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In case I haven’t mentioned it…I love my perennial and cutting gardens in Vermont: they give me a chance to peruse the flowers and seeds at the local garden centers, plan each garden, play in the dirt, and watch a living painting emerge in our backyard all summer long.

Then there are our wildflower gardens we planted last fall in the meadow behind our house, grown from seeds we purchased from the Vermont Wildflower Farm. Though I do think growing wildflowers is ironic, and we did experience a little angst at the beginning of the season waiting to see if anything would bloom, I now look forward to each morning, walking out our back sliding doors onto the green dewy grass, and having that child-like excitement about what will be emerging. I have found the wildflower gardens are different from my other gardens, and they have been a great addition, not just because I don’t have to weed them, but because they offer a new surprise each day. They give me a chance just to accept and enjoy; to be happy for what I find with no expectations, and to look forward to what surprises will be there tomorrow.

Yet another lesson flowers have to teach me: to let go, as there is great joy and liberation in doing so and in experiencing nature.

A shout out to my mom for being the first person to bring the brilliant and gorgeous red poppy into my life when she owned a lovely gift shop called ‘The Poppy Shop’ in Reston, Virginia. Another great thing about flowers, the memories they evoke…a blog to come.

my cutting garden update, july 14th | I mentioned previously about the Buffalo Eyes reseeding and blooming two years later, and the California Poppies I planted last year reseeded themselves, too. Funny how I never once thought of them reseeding when I, myself, was planting from seed. A cutting garden is a wonderful thing to create and truly can be done at any size, from a small window box to a larger garden area as I’ve done. To grow from a tiny seed…it gives such pleasure.

California Poppy

If you would like updates on the wildflowers in my garden, please reply below. If I get enough responses I will add it to future blog posts after my cutting garden update.

Featured Flower: Poppy from our wildflower garden

Floating Petals

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