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Last week I shared one of the seeds I planted in my cutting garden, Nigella. This week I’m sharing more about the process and layout of my cutting garden itself.

A blueprint of my cutting garden - Floating Petals - www.FloatingPetals.com

My (20 step) process:

  1. Select my seeds at the local gardening center
    (I’m like a kid in a candy store…so many choices and I want them all!)
  2. Weed
  3. Soil test (okay, maybe next year…)
  4. Photograph each seed with its seed packet
  5. Visually layout my cutting garden, with the shortest in the front to the climbing flowers towards the back
  6. Put up bamboo trellises and tie to the fence
  7. Stake Dahlias (learned to do this in the NYBG Dauntless Dahlia class I took in June, taught by Frances Palmer
  8. Mark where my seeds will be planted
  9. Read seed packets for planting directions
  10. Plant seeds (a.k.a. play in dirt)
  11. Water (no need this year as Mother Nature did all the work)
  12. Run to the garden as soon as we arrive in Vermont to see what’s growing
  13. Weed
  14. When in town, check out my garden each day to see its progress
  15. Be patient
  16. Photograph flowers along their journey
  17. Weed
  18. Cut Flowers for bouquets to share
  19. Pick Wednesday’s Flower to post
  20. Remember to enjoy every moment

For the rest of this summer through early fall, when I’m in Vermont where I created my cutting garden, I will give an update of it on Tuesday’s Flower Blog. Sadly, every now and then I have to go out of town for work or other reasons, but I will do my best to get an update from my neighbor to share. I look forward to watching it grow with you!

my cutting garden update, june 30th | After planting the seeds a little over two weeks ago, germination of almost all the seeds has begun, even the experimental seeds I planted: artichokes and bunny tail grass. Yea! Stay tuned for next week’s update.

Please share with me what you’re growing in your cutting garden.

Featured Flower: Borage from my 2014 cutting garden

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