Paradise In The Bronx - New York Botanical Garden

Walking along the snowy path to the conservatory at the New York Botanical Garden, I almost couldn’t contain my excitement to step from the cold and biting air into a tropical paradise. As I enter the crystal palace, I’m greeted by beautiful large baskets of orchids that appear as if they are floating on water. After taking them in, I follow along to the main pavilion of the orchid show, and as the doors open, I think I audibly sighed, as I felt as if I were transported to the tropics, and it melts the winter away.

Beautiful large baskets of orchids that appear as if they are floating on water.

It is such a huge undertaking to create this orchid show every year, and I had the opportunity to speak with the curator, Francisca Coelho at the media preview last Thursday. She shared with me that in creating this exhibition, she envisioned each person walking along the path and her desire to create vista after vista to keep us always seeing something new and beautiful along the way, and I can tell you there is one wonderful and fascinating vista after another.

So come with me and be transported to another world.

A paradise in the middle of the Bronx.

Each orchid chandelier an escape from this winter, each view taking me further into the tropics.

One beautiful chandelier creation after another…

All leading to the 11’ chandelier hanging high above with a view from below.

One of the many arrangements along the tropical pathway.

And don’t forget to look up to see the many other vistas created above you.

An exhibit at a botanical garden is like no other museum exhibit, it is not only designed, arranged, and curated but one that needs to be constantly tended to and by many.

I am looking forward to going back and hope to see you there! And tomorrow for Wednesday’s Flower, I will be sharing one of the beautiful orchids on display at this show.

Have you ever been to the NYBG Orchid Show? Share with me your favorite botanical garden show and hopefully I can add it to my list of places to visit.

Featured image at the top of the post: New York Botanical Garden Conservatory.

Floating Petals

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