Cleaning Out My Cutting Garden

After this very long winter, I’m cleaning out my cutting garden, as it’s a complete mess this year. It has never looked so bad. It has tons of weeds and overgrown grass, though there is one plant that I will keep: my Orange Oriental Poppies. I don’t know how, but year after year they reappear in exactly the same place in a perfectly straight line. While other flowers will reseed, I never know where. They may even end up in my perennial gardens. The rest of my cutting garden will need to be planted after today’s clean up. The effort will be worth it to produce this year’s garden. It brings such joy and wonder every year. Even last year with it being pretty much a failure, there were still many enjoyable moments.

I have a deep sense of gratitude for dirt and for all that it reaps.

Cleaning up My Cutting GardenBefore I start, I look pretty normal (that is, for me). I have my hair twisted up in a clip, sunscreen on, and I am dressed in old jeans, a black long sleeve t-shirt (for obvious reasons) and my gardening shoes. I grab my favorite drink, Zero Vitamin Water Lemonade, to keep hydrated. I bring out my tools, large buckets and wheelbarrow. With the preparation done, I’m ready get to work. I know I will be delighted to have my cutting garden prepped so I can sow my seeds.

Cleaning up My Cutting Garden

After spending the day cleaning it up, my cutting garden, though mainly dirt, is looking pretty pristine. My perennial gardens look beautiful on their own, though they are next on my list. But I, on the other hand, look far from presentable. I have dirt all over me, but I find it makes me smile. It makes me feel as if I have accomplished something, if only to spend time outside away from my computer and reconnecting with nature after this very long winter.

Cleaning up My Cutting GardenI have a deep sense of gratitude for dirt and for all that it reaps. It puts up with me digging it up, moving it around and stomping on it to arrange my garden. It’s something that is easily taken for granted, but imagine how different this earth, my gardens and I would be without it…

Share with me below: What do you do to prepare your cutting garden for planting?

Orange Oriental Poppy. Photographed in My Cutting Garden.

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