DO I NEED A VASE? Mar 31, 2015
Do I need a vase

I read once that it’s best when giving fresh cut flowers to someone who is hosting a brunch, lunch, dinner or any other type of event at their home to present the flowers in a vase. At first when I read this, I was a little taken aback: now I have to buy a vase too?!? Then I started to think of the course of events when I’ve arrived at someone else’s home with a bouquet and not always receiving the most welcomed greeting, because now the host has to stop everything to find a vase, unwrap the bouquet, cut the stems at an angle to refresh them, run the water to get the right temperature and arrange them in the vase. Point taken.

Since learning this, I have decided it’s not important that the vase be expensive. Often I arrange my gifts in a large mason jar with one of my many recycled ribbons tied around it. So as I walk up to their home and knock on their door with the freshly arranged bouquet in a mason jar, I’m greeted by the host, she smiles, thanks me for the lovely flowers and then later places them on the kitchen counter for all to enjoy. She didn’t have to stop greeting her guests, was happy to receive a special gift just for her and along with it, a vase she can use the next time she’s invited to someone else’s house.

There is another wonderful gift to give and that is the gift of a membership to These weekly flowers are a continual reminder of your appreciation and ones that do not need to be arranged in a vase upon arrival. Instead they can be downloaded and virtually on display to give your recipient a moment of beauty just for them all year long.

How do you feel about receiving flowers as a host gift that aren’t in a vase?

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  1. I love receiving flowers in ANY manner! Vase, no vase, fresh from the garden, purchased from the store, arranged carefully or in a haphazardly. And like you, I love to use recycled ribbons and mason jars. I also collect vases purchased for pennies from rummage sales or re-sale shops. They just beg to be re-gifted with a fresh bouquet for someone else to enjoy.

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