Floating Petals or Floating Pedals? For me it was a pretty obvious choice, and I also thought it was for the customer service representative on the phone filling out my credit card application. He asked me all of the pertinent questions and even took the time to kindly inquire about my business, my passion, and I answered him with much enthusiasm.

At the end of the phone call, he let me know I would receive an email in a few days confirming if it was approved and if so, the card to follow. I received the email approval and was excited when the envelope arrived containing my first credit card for my business. Sitting at my desk, I opened this envelope like every other one: with the back facing me and my Swiss Army knife cutting through the top fold. As I took out the contents, I realized the representative could use some work on either their typing, editing or listening skills as the card arrived with the business name ‘Floating Pedals, LLC’. All I could do was laugh, as it seemed like an even wilder idea of floating bike pedals then floating flower petals.

I called to have the name updated on the credit card, and the representative and I had a good laugh over it, but the story doesn’t stop there. Not even a week or two later while visiting my cousin in the Buffalo area, we stopped by her daughter’s school over the weekend and wandered down to an outdoor space created for students as an outside art studio. We spent a little time looking at all of the fun and creative artwork and then something caught my attention in the trees. I looked up and had another good chuckle as someone’s creativity took them to new heights as they suspended a bike high into the trees: floating pedals.

What should I name my business?

A very odd and ironic story, but one of the many quirky and fun tales that keep adding to this journey, a journey of ups and downs, trials and errors but all for one that I’m truly passionate about in wanting to share the beauty of flowers with you so that we can all learn the lessons flowers and this beautiful earth have to teach us.

Have you ever encountered floating pedals? And if so, where?

Featured image at the top of the post: Clooney Ranunculus.

Floating Petals

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