Flight of Butterflies Iris

Flight of Butterflies is the most beautiful, tiny and delicate of Irises. I came across it a couple of summers ago at the Dorset Farmer’s Market. Michelle, who sells her own home-grown flowers and beautiful floral arrangements, had these beauties. I was in awe of them, and I couldn’t help but buy the pot she had that day, and in fact, I picked up two more the following week. As they were at the end of their season, I knew I would have to wait a year before experiencing them in my own garden. I thought of them through the winter and hoped they were enduring the cold, snowy weather. How interesting to spend a year thinking of something and hoping for it. To my shear joy, they made it through the winter and budded and bloomed in my garden as I had so wished.

One day, the rain was imminent, but it looked like I had time to focus my lens on this flower before nature shooed me back indoors. I was focused on this beautiful bud with the wind mentoring me. Mentoring me to be patient. To wait for the right moment. Making me wait as this bud was beginning to open right in front of my eyes. It was an intimate moment with nature, and one I couldn’t let go of with my camera. I was all set to shoot and watch it unfold, to see what it was meant to be. I spent as much time as I could with it while it shared its inner beauty, but once again I became a little impatient and started weeding while waiting. Of course, I missed some of its precious moments of unfolding. So, I refocused and kept my eye on the budding flower. The petals fluttered in the wind like the wings of a butterfly, and I was there to experience it. I was watching its wings opening and unfolding, ready to take off.

I would love to share nature’s beauty through my floral images with you. Please come on this journey with me to explore and experience the 200,000+ flowers that petal our world. A journey of moments. Moments to share in the beauty of flowers, the lessons they have to teach us, and to absorb their gracious, beautiful ways.

Please share with me on what distracts you from your focus, and how do you refocus?

Flower at the top of the post: Iris ‘Flight of Butterflies’

Floating Petals

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  1. I find it’s my own internal thoughts that distract me more than external circumstances. What a great reminder you give us of the value of presence and patience and how the beauty of nature can be wonderfully grounding and can help keep us focused in the present.

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