FORSYTHIA Apr 21, 2019

Forsythia is a word I enjoy saying because of how it rolls off my tongue. It’s also a shrub I have fallen in love with over the years as it’s one of the first signs of spring. It mutes out the grey, dreary “sticks” of winter with the most vibrant pops of yellow. It renews my spirit and gives me the belief that spring is coming. It’s sunshine on here on earth, and it brings joy as it melts away the cold, long winter.

Forsythia is sunshine on earth, and it brings joy as it melts away the cold, long winter.”

One of the things I find interesting about this shrub are its many varied shapes. From tall, sprawling natural forms that feel as if they are sun rays emanating from the ground up to the ‘perfectly’ formed shapes. The more well-trimmed, box-like or rounded shrubs don’t quite sit right with me as they seem forced. So, after contemplating the two styles, I researched Forsythia. I learned this shrub reaches between 7′ to 10’, and needs its space to grow. It should be pruned with care, though all too often it’s trimmed in an unnatural way. I think that happens as some people assume, since its a shrub, it should look like a well-trimmed boxwood.

I know I have a lot to learn about how each flower, plant, and shrub grow and are to be taken care of. As I do, I’m learning to respect the individual and natural behavior of each one and not put it into a box unless it has potential for its shape. And therein lies the lesson for me not only with flowers, but one to learn with each person I interact with. I need to take the time to learn about, listen to, and not put anyone into a tight, square box, but to accept them in their own sprawling, natural beauty.

Share with me below: What is your favorite spring flower and how does it spark joy in life?

Forsythia. Photographed in Nature in Wilton, Connecticut.

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