FROM A TINY SEED Aug 20, 2017
From A Tiny Seed

How is it a this small black spec, a tiny seed that I’m holding in the palm of my hand, smaller than the top of a pinhead, will grow to be this flower? How is it that this particular seed is just sown on top of soil, and after 7 to 14 days of water and sunshine this black spec will start to germinate?

As interesting characters from a good novel evolve, so does this flower.

This tiny dot will start to expand and grow unnoticeable, delicate roots down into the soil to soak up its nutrients, and little leaves will emerge reaching upward for more light. As interesting characters from a good novel evolve, so does this flower. It develops with nutrients from the soil, water and sun, and will grow to be 8 to 24 inches high. As it reaches upward, a bud will start to form and each petal will unfold slowly exposing its beauty, while the stamens will reveal themselves for pollinators.

Then there is further character development as this flower will shed its delicate petals. Where the flower once resided, an oversized, green pod will emerge … something so physically unlike its fragile flower, though very alluring in its own way. Over time, when left to mature, this green pod will dry up into a star shape top and will spread its own seeds back on top of the soil.

As with this flower, every interaction holds another lesson to be learned: if a black spec can grow into a lovely, delicate flower, how can I not believe that each of us has amazing potential, too … something I need to be reminded of at times.

Share with me below the amazing potential you know you can grow into.

Love in the Mist Nigella. From True Love Farm. Photographed in my studio.

Floating Petals

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