I AM Feb 18, 2018
I Am

I’ve been watching the winter Olympics in PyeongChang as many of you are, and one female competitor had on her gloves, the words: “I AM”. It’s a very powerful statement. It reminded me of the first time I saw something like it, a few years ago, when our hostess was seating us for breakfast. I noticed the tattoo on her foot: ‘As I am’. The latter may look like a statement of complacency, but both are an affirmation in one’s self. To have acceptance of where “I am” at in this moment. The moment may be a brave moment, or a moment of tears, or a moment of total bliss. No matter what though, it’s a moment, and I’ll accept myself as I am. That actually can be a very hard thing to do. I think it takes work and courage to believe in that statement and to live it.

I think it takes work and courage to believe in that statement and to live it.

The wisdom of flowers often teaches me this same lesson. A very specific one for me is when the Japanese Beetles descend upon many of the flowers in my garden. They eat away at the leaves and sometimes the petals of my Zinnias, Roses, etc. For me, this is a moment of anger and aggravation. For my flowers, it is a moment of “I am” and they continue on their blooming journey and keep on growing. They do not give in to the beetles. They know this too shall pass. By the time the Japanese Beetles have finished, my flowers begin their healing, not letting those pesky bugs affect their course. For that I am grateful.

To live through the struggles of life and know that it is just a moment is hard to do. In the times I have lived my life like that, it was much less of a struggle than to let it control me. Wishing you a wonderful day and week and to remind yourself, “I am”. Know that you are a strong, wonderful, caring, (you fill in the blank) __________ person in each moment.

Share with me below: Do you have a mantra? Or are you thinking of using “I am” as your mantra?

Zinnia. Photographed in My Cutting Garden.

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