Orange Daylily, Ditch Lily

Have you ever had one of those days that doesn’t go quite right? I would guess that you are nodding yes, if not fervently. Well, I sure had one of those days while on a photo shoot at Conejo Valley Botanic Garden in Thousand Oaks, California.

Shedding a few tears is okay, and I am not to be deterred by the challenges that come my way.

After arriving in Los Angeles, I stopped to survey the botanic garden near the hotel we were staying at for work. The next day, I packed up my gear, drove over to the botanic garden and started to set up for my shoot. With my tripod set up and my camera in hand, I realized I was missing an important piece of equipment: the mount to attach my camera to the tripod. For me, that is a big deal, as almost all of my photography is shot on a tripod to get the most focused and highest resolution image possible. As I stood there with my camera still in my hand and in a little bit of shock, I looked around at my surroundings and thought, how am I going to attach my camera to my tripod and make this shoot happen?

I looked through my camera bag and came across some iPhone and other cables, so I tied them around the camera to hold it in place on the tripod. It was not the perfect solution by any means, a little precarious and unstable, especially when the camera was turned sideways for portrait images, but it worked and I was able to complete the shoot.

Just One of Those Days

The story doesn’t stop there, though. Later that day, I went to download all of the images to my computer. I had a few images I needed to delete first and somehow in doing so, I permanently deleted all of the images I took that day. After calling Apple support and finding out there was no way to retrieve them (which was what I expected to hear, though I was hoping for a miracle), I definitely shed a few tears.

So, what was I to learn from this? To start, I need to create a checklist for all of my photoshoots. I need to always be resourceful. And shedding a few tears is okay, and I am not to be deterred by the challenges that come my way.

Nothing that is worth doing is ever easy. It takes hard work and handling the challenges with grace [link: https://floatingpetals.com/one-word-guide-grace/], which is not always easy to do. In saying all that, if it sounds as if this came easy to me, it did not. It was hard, but that’s what makes it worth sharing.

Share with me below: Have you experienced a challenging situation where you were able to persevere, even if there were a few tears shed along the way?

Ditch Lily. Photographed along the road.

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