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I am a huge fan of Post-it® notes, and have written more than my share of them. Everything from the simple reminder to take out the trash to writing “Cheers” to my husband and placing it next to his wine glass as I’m leaving for an evening at book club. Recently, I came across one in our hotel room, on the bed frame, that read, “Your duvet covers and sheets are clean for your arrival.” Wow, was I supposed to expect something otherwise??? I have a Post-it on my monitor from the book by Jen Groover, What if, Why Not to spur me on. Another reads: “authenticity.” I didn’t write it because I think myself inauthentic, but more as a reminder, a touchstone to a value. One fall day, looking at a single-stemmed flower that stood ever so tall with its tight bud ready to open, I thought, wouldn’t it be something to see the progression of a flower’s life from bud to bloom and then I wrote, “A day in the life of a flower.” This one sentence on a Post-it stuck to my computer screen for months, and started me on this journey of It now resides in my notebook of ideas and inspiration for, as a keepsake of sorts; a reminder of how a simple sentence can become a passion. One single Post-it note started this idea. This journey. One I cannot imagine my life without now. 

So, I will now pose to you “What would you write on a Post-it note to look at every day that would inspire you or is a touchstone for you? What is one thing you dream about and if only you wrote it down, you would be one step closer to achieving it?”  Please share what you would write and then, most importantly, write it on a Post-it note for yourself in a place where every day you can see it and make it happen. 

Flower at the top of the post: Coral Senecio. Photographed @ New York Botanical Garden.

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