How Do You Show Gratitude?

How do you like to show gratitude when you have been given a gift or had a special evening with friends? How do you like to receive a ‘thank you’ for having done something thoughtful? Is it in the form of a small gift? Or maybe a phone call? A text is nice, but… how about a handwritten note? For me, that is the most meaningful way to both receive and share gratitude, though, I definitely need to work on writing and sending thank you notes more often.

To write is human, to receive a letter: Divine!
~ Susan Lendroth ~

In this ever busy world that we live in today, I don’t think there is a more treasured gift than someone thoughtfully taking out stationary, a pen, and finding a place to sit and move that pen across the paper, sharing her thoughts and time. Think of how rare it is to receive a letter in the mail. I know how excited I get when opening our mailbox and finding in between all of the catalogs, bills and advertisements, a hand addressed envelope. It’s amazing how it lifts my spirits, and on such an occasion, I’ll take that envelope to my desk and get out my Swiss Army knife. I’ll open it along the top edge, and I will even sometimes wait until the end of the day to read it, so as to not be interrupted.

With the holidays coming, and coming fast, I have a goal to sit down and handwrite a letter with each gift I give this season. It may not be lengthy or perfectly thought out, but I think of a handwritten note to be more like my journaling in sharing my thoughts of the moment and my appreciation for that person in my life.

If you are so inclined to join me in this holiday letter goal, we have some lovely holiday floral cards for you to peruse; a perfect way to show gratitude for those you care for, while also sharing the beauty and power of flowers.

holiday 2017 cover page

Share with me below: What does it mean to you when you receive a handwritten note?

Picotee Amaryllis. Photographed @ My Studio.

Floating Petals

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