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Whenever I walk out to our mailbox and look through the many bills and junk mail, coming across a personally addressed envelope brings a smile to my face, as there is something very special about receiving a handwritten note. There’s anticipation as I cut along top edge of the envelope with my Swiss Army knife creating a clean, crisp opening for me to pull out this thoughtful gift. And yes, I do feel it’s a gift, because someone took the time to sit down and write a personal note.

For me, when it comes to writing my own thank you notes, I have a love/hate relationship. It’s something that is important to me to take the time to do, but I feel a sort of trepidation about writing, as it’s something that doesn’t comes easily to me. When I do put the work into it, I feel a real sense of pride and accomplishment to reminisce on the special moments of the dinner we were invited to or show appreciation of a gift received.

I’ll also admit that probably only sixty percent of the time am I timely with my notes of gratitude. Though I may get behind in my note writing, I still prefer many weeks (or even months) later to sit down and say thank you in a note. There is also the other twenty percent that never get written, and for that I’m regretful not to show gratitude to those who have been so thoughtful as to think of me. A work in progress.

I feel a hand written note holds a lot of meaning, and I’m looking for your help: Starting this Thursday on Facebook I’d like you to let me know which of the nine images below I should print for the first official set of Floating Petals notecards. I hope you’ll vote and let me know your two favorites. By doing so, you’ll be entered into our drawing to be the lucky winner of a set of 8 note cards (variety of 4), a membership or gifted membership to and a wise book The Art of the Handwritten Note, written by Margaret Shepherd.

Floating Petals Notecards

Please share with me you thoughts on both writing and receiving a handwritten note.

Featured flower: Sweet Pea Shrub

Floating Petals

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  1. Everything you mentioned with hand written notes is spot on. I treasure receiving them, value the importance of doing them, and experience the same trepidation when it comes time write them. It is tough to narrow down but I like the African Daisy and Cool Crayon Zinnia.

    1. Always nice to know I’m not the only one that feels that same trepidation, and appreciate you sharing your favorites. I will add them to the final tally.

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