6 Mother's Gift Ideas

As we all know (or should know), Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 13th, so I’ve been having fun thinking about some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for my mom. Flowers and candy are always a favorite, but neither lasts as long as most of these thoughtful gifts below (especially the candy).

Here are 6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for you to consider:

1. Visit a Botanical Garden or Arboretum

Plan a day trip to your local botanical garden or arboretum and treat her to a year’s membership so she can enjoy this gift year round.

Botanical Garden or Arboretum

2. Seeds to Plant and Grow

Pick some favorite annuals to grow with her. Some of my favorites and easy to grow flowers are Bachelor Buttons, Zinnia, California Poppies and Cosmos. She’ll have them all season long to enjoy. Full disclosure, at first this backfired for my nephew, but once the flowers started to grow, it won his mom over.

Seeds to Plant and Grow

3. Floral-Inspired Gifts for the Home 
& Office

Has your mom been wanting new throw pillows for her coach or bed? Maybe she would like a beautiful floral print for her office? In our floral print store, you can choose from a variety of products with floral images such as stationery, tote bags, prints, home decor, pillows, bath towels, computer covers and cases, stickers and so much more.

Floral Inspired Gifts for the Home & Office

4. A Bouquet of Cupcakes

These cupcakes definitely won’t last long, but they are so beautiful and unique that I had to include them.

A Bouquet Of Cupcakes(Image Source: https://dilicakes.co.nz/small-cupcake-bouquet-pink)

5. Floral Books

One of my favorite floral coffee table books is Flowers by Carolyne Roehm. It gives lots of moments of beauty and reflections of the blooming world of flowers.

Floral Books

6. The Gift of Bulbs

A gift card to purchase bulbs like tulips, allium and irises to plant in the fall. They will bloom for her next year around Mother’s Day. A wonderful way for you to think of her and for her to remember you.

Gift of Bulbs

Share with me below: What Mother’s Day Gift will you be giving your mom or the woman in your life that you celebrate?

Poppy Mallow. Photographed in My Garden.

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