Canada Lily

I have been on the move once again, which makes me think about the wonderful adventures in the blooming world of flowers. Here are some of my favorite field trips.

Most recently was my field trip along CA-92 in Half Moon Bay, California. I was delightfully surprised by the variety of floral places that could be found in this one location…

Pastorino Farms

I learn so much going to botanical gardens, but spending time out in the middle of nature first thing in the morning, watching the fog lift, is a very special field trip of its own…

Canada Lily

My floral travels map shows the many beautiful locations I have been able to visit that I would not have had without my work travels…

Desert Bluebells

Botanical gardens offer many opportunities besides learning about flowers…butterflies

Butterflies Fluttering About

Quite the adventure at Leu Garden, which included torrential rain, lightning and thunder. I survived it, though I wasn’t so sure my iPhone was going to make it…

Leu Gardens

Mum’s the word at the Longwood Gardens Chrysanthemum Festival held in late autumn every year. This year it’s on view through November 17, 2019…


Please check out the gallery for more blooming inspirations, blogs and flower facts.

Share with me below: What is your favorite blooming place you like to visit?

Canada Lily. Photographed @ Dorset, Vermont.

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