I have always loved rainbows

I have always loved rainbows. When I was in junior high school, my mom helped me to decorate my bedroom with a rainbow theme. We found the perfect comforter that had a huge rainbow on it. With my mom’s eye for decorating and my rainbow theme, my room was transformed into a bright and joyful place to be.

I hope you can take a moment today and celebrate being alive, too. Gratitude and adventure is where life begins.

Since my childhood days, I don’t have a room decorated in the many colors of a rainbow anymore. Instead, I have become a seeker of them. I have found the following factors and steps contribute to finding rainbows:

  1. The first step in finding a rainbow is waiting for when rain is pouring and the sun is peeking through the clouds.
  2. The next important factor to catching a rainbow is that it’s early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
  3. Factor 2 above is necessary so the sun can cast through the rain at an angle to create an arching and vibrant array of colors.
  4. Most important of all is being willing to stop what you are doing and be in the moment to see it and be inspired by it.

This summer, with all of the rain we’ve had recently, I have been able to catch a few rainbows. One afternoon as I was driving home I passed an open field. With the rain pouring, the sun was peeking through the clouds, and with my rainbow catcher in hand (my iPhone), I had to stop to see if I could be so lucky as to catch one. I not only caught one, but I captured a full double rainbow, which is always a doubly delightful surprise.

Double Rainbows

There is also an amazing array of colors in flowers where a rainbow can be found, too. Below are the flowers that created my personal floral rainbow above. There is a link to each specific Wednesday’s Flower below where you can learn about how to grow them, where they come from, their botanical names and much more. I hope you take the time to explore them, as I think you too will be in awe of their blooming rainbow of colors.

Karma Thalia Dahlia
Rainbows - Karma Thalia Dahlia

Pink Powderpuff
Rainbows - Pink Powderpuff

Orange Star
Rainbows - Orange Star
Monica Bryce Begonia
Rainbows - Monica Bryce Begonia
Jade Vine
Rainbows - Jade Vine
Desert Bluebells
Rainbows - Desert Bluebells
Hungarian Blue Bread Seed Poppy
Rainbows - Hungarian Blue Bread Seed Poppy

As a personal note, today is my birthday; a day I feel is about celebrating being alive and to be grateful for it. I always look to enjoy today and whenever possible add in some adventure. Sometimes that can be chasing a rainbow and being in awe of nature. I hope you can take a moment today and celebrate being alive, too. Gratitude and adventure is where life begins.

Share with me below: What excites you to stop you in your tracks and interrupt your day?

See above. Photographed in many locations.

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