Golden Queen Globeflower

Unlike most cutting room floors, the Floating Petals Cutting Room Floor is not filled with rejected photos scattered on the ground or of flower stems that have been cut only to be swept up and thrown away. Instead, it’s filled with varying perspectives of lovely flowers from bud to bloom that are captured in my lens. The weekend addition, the Cutting Room Floor, has developed organically from my signature Wednesday’s Flower to expanding the view of its many varying vantage points of the single budding flower. My desire is to share its peaceful, beautiful moments with you, and to let it wrap up the week and start your weekend with Wednesday’s flower flourishing in all of its glory.

Floating Petals Cutting Room Floor brings a little more curiosity of not just a flower’s beauty, but it extends it to all that is around me

As I post the Cutting Room Floor each week, I enjoy envisioning you holding your coffee or tea (or Diet Coke if you’re like me) in your hand as you check your inbox looking for that one email waiting just for you. As you click on the image of the three featured flowers to view the weekend’s edition, I hope there is a sense of curiosity of how Wednesday’s Flower will unfold… a desire to share its living quarters, to see its full story, and to take a few moments to experience life through a flower; to see its splendor and to let any other thoughts of the day fade away, if only just for a moment.

I find for me, my Cutting Room Floor brings a little more curiosity of not just a flower’s beauty, but it extends it to all that is around me, starting the day with appreciation for what I have been given and looking for it throughout my day and my weekend.

Above is one of the many Wednesday’s Flowers and below a sample and link to its Cutting Room Floor. I hope you enjoy it, and please share this link with anyone you know that would also enjoy starting their weekend with connecting to something beautiful: to nature.

Golden Queen Globeflower

Share with me, in the comments below, your thoughts on the Floating Petals Cutting Room Floor.

Floating Petals

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