Flower Quote: I Must Have Flowers

I must have flowers, always, and always… I too, must always have flowers in my life, whether it be fresh flowers, flowers in my garden or cutting garden, forced bulbs during the winter or potted plants by my kitchen window. I also love sharing flowers through my photography, to create a moment of beauty for your view and desktop. To have flowers always is possible; to do so, it means having a variety of ways to enjoy and capture them.

Oscar-Claude Monet (November 14, 1840 – December 5, 1926) was born the second son to second-generation Parisian parents. He went by the name of Oscar, but later in his career went by Claude Monet. Monet’s father had a family business in ship handling and groceries. His father had wished for Oscar-Claude to continue in the business. Monet wanted to become an artist instead, which his mother supported, being an artist herself (a singer). Monet took lessons and was taught ‘en plain air’, which is painting outdoors. He was founder of the Impressionism art movement. His art focused on painting, over and over again, the same scene in different light and in each season.

Claude Monet is, hands down, my favorite artist, though there are many artists I do love. His works have moved me in ways I cannot even describe. I have had the opportunity to view his work in person in many galleries. The most amazing of all for me was the L’Orangerie in Paris with the floor to ceiling paintings of his water lilies. There is truly a sense of genius to create such a wonder, and to experience it was divine. The one place I have on my bucket list to visit is Giverny to experience the place he once painted, and to bring my camera to shoot my own version of his view.

Cafe au Lait Dahlia. Photographed @ Anna’s Blooms Cutting Garden.

Floating Petals

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