Petty and Annoying

For some reason of late, I have been over using the word ‘annoying,’ which in turn makes me feel petty and annoying. I’m not sure what started me on it, but I’m not fond of my use of it. Annoying to me is petty and negative, and I would prefer to look at life positively and with gratitude.

I believe what is annoying will pass, but what I’m grateful for is everlasting.

So that I don’t keep using “that” word, I’m putting effort into the antithesis of it: gratitude and finding gratitude in all that is around me, like the beautiful blooms on a prickly cactus. In taking the time to reflect on the positive, I feel it will help me be less aware of “annoying” things. To counter balance it throughout each day, when I find something annoying, I’m challenging myself to stop and find something I’m grateful for. I believe what is annoying will pass, but what I’m grateful for is everlasting.

Petty and Annoying

Another way I work daily on not focusing on the annoying, is having a daily gratitude journal. It may seem like an overused idea, but I have to say it’s a great way to reflect on the things you most want to remember each day and are grateful for, not annoyed by.

For eight years or more, I have been writing at least five things (and it’s always more than five) that I’m most grateful for each day. I have always loved the idea of hand writing it in a journal, but I have found that to be too cumbersome for me. So, though it’s not my first choice, I keep a log on my computer in my organizational App called ‘Things”. Besides reminding me everyday of all of the things I’m grateful for, I also find it’s a great journal and way to reflect on each day. Every now and then, I will pick a previous day and read my ‘Thank You journal’. The day will come back to me easily and remind me that yes, every day I am blessed.

Just think, even if you were to write down (or type) one thing you’re grateful for each day, don’t you think it would remind you of the many things you are grateful for? For me, it may be as simple as my Chai Latte on Sundays, and that’s one of the highlights of Sunday: going to Starbucks with my honey. We are programmed to focus on the petty and annoying, but instead by focusing on gratitude, it does change a moment, an attitude and life.

Thanksgiving is the best reminder of all to be grateful for everything we have, especially family and friends. I’m ever so grateful for each one of you in my life. Happy Thanksgiving!

Share with me below: What you are most grateful for?

Englemann’s Prickly Pear. Photographed @ Tohono Chul Park.

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