WOMEN ON THE GO! GO! GO! Jun 18, 2017
Women On the Go! Go! Go!

I have often thought of the woman who works in the offices I described in my last blog post, and the woman whose office is her car, as she runs every which way to take care of all of the people in her world. For me, these women represent women on the Go! Go! Go!; caring for kids, a parent, friend, lover, someone in need, or log-jammed in a demanding job. But she is also that searcher, that seeker of beauty, and she has found Floating Petals.

She is that searcher, that seeker of beauty and has found Floating Petals.

Wednesday mornings I picture her with her coffee in hand, thinking of all the emails waiting for her: telling her what she needs to do, reminding her of what she hasn’t done, and pestering her to buy, buy, buy. But then she remembers today is Wednesday and her step becomes lighter, because she knows that one email is waiting just for her.

This email is ‘Wednesday’s Flower’, and it isn’t asking anything of her. Instead, it’s giving her a moment for herself, a moment to enjoy and be present; to drink in the beauty of nature. In taking this moment, her day starts on a different and lighter note. After soaking in this week’s flower, she downloads it for her desktop or maybe prints it out as a reminder of a moment that she connected to that day. As she moves into her day, she knows she can always come back to the beauty and wonder of that flower, even if just for a moment.

If you would like moments created just for you, join us with a free membership to floatingpetals.com to enjoy Wednesday’s Flower.

How do you find ways to take a moment for yourself amongst the Go! Go! Go! of daily life? Please share with me by commenting below.

Tatarian Daisy. Photographed @ New York Botanical Garden

Floating Petals

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