MY WORD FOR 2018 Jan 28, 2018
My Word for 2018

Last year, I choose one word for 2017 that would encourage me throughout the year to work on being a better version of myself. My word for 2017 was ‘grace’. I know there were many times when I could have handled things with more grace than I did, but I do feel that by having the intention, I was more conscientious of my actions and worked on acting with grace. I will continue to work on it as I realize more and more that you never know what someone else is going through. We all deserve grace and understanding.

I’m challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone to see how I can grow.

I believe that in setting an intention, I can have an awareness and work on changing who I am and how I act. So, I decided I wanted to continue to have the intention to focus on a word for 2018. How do I come up with 2018’s focus? Surprisingly, it wasn’t difficult to come up with. My brain must have been subconsciously working on how to inspire me this past year, and it actually came up with a great idea.

My Word for 2018

For this year, I’m looking to combine two actions, as I feel the first, ‘be bold’, needs the other, ‘thoughtful’. I’m not here to bowl anyone over in being bold, so I need to be thoughtful about it. I’m challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone to see how I can grow, as I’m more of an introvert than an extrovert. Last year I had the Zeolight Calendula (above) to inspire me. This year I’m going to use the Iceland Poppy (featured at the top of this post) as my touchstone and inspiration to be bold and thoughtful. It is both bright and bold and has a certain amount of softness/thoughtfulness in it. I know I will need all of the encouragement I can get to focus on living my words for 2018.

If you are trying to figure out your word for 2018, has a webinar on goal setting. It’s about setting your intention for the year.

Share with me below: What is your word for 2018 to inspire you throughout the year?

Iceland Poppy. Photographed in Tom’s Garden (my brother) in Phoenix, AZ.

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