Blooming Subjects: It's All About Location

So how do I pick my blooming subjects? First, as they say, it’s all about location. In this case, I have six places I photograph:

Out in nature, is a very peaceful and calming place to experience other wildflowers.

  1. I shoot in my studio/office. I don’t shoot there as much as I did when I started, as I find there is something special about experiencing flowers in their own habitat.
    My Studio
  2. My own perennial gardens that I have been creating and changing for 12 years now.
    My Garden
  3. My cutting garden that I grow different flowers in every year. I have had some successful years and others not so much.
    My Cutting Garden
  4. We started growing wildflowers three years ago in our backyard. We added a third this past fall, and I can’t wait to see how it changes our view. Also, what I enjoy about them is that I never know what is going to show up each year, so its always a wonderful surprise.
  5. Out in nature is a very peaceful and calming place to experience other wildflowers.
    In Nature
  6. Botanical gardens and arboretums are the perfect break for me and my Sherpa (my husband) from our work travels.
    Botanical Gardens and Arboretums

Shooting flowers is far from easy, especially outdoors. I like to shoot on a cloudy, windless day, which doesn’t always work out they way I want it. Also, as much as I be prepare in advance for each shoot, sorry to say, things can go wrong. The most challenging is when I forget a piece of equipment.

No matter where I’m shooting, though, it is always a delight to be focusing my camera on these wonderful blooming subjects.

Next week I’ll be sharing samples of the various flowers from each of these garden locations. See you then!

Share with me below: What is your favorite place to photograph flowers?

Canada Lily. Photographed in a field in Dorset, Vermont.

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