Blooming Subjects: How Do I Pick Them?

Get it?…my blooming subjects: how do I pick them? Actually, I don’t hand pick any of them unless I photograph them in my studio. When it comes to choosing my blooming subjects, I look for something unique. I always love the well-known flowers like peonies, tulips and cosmos. The artist in me also pushes me to look for the unique, curious and unknown. I find it also opens up a new world of wonder with each flower I explore.

Most of all, I love sharing them with you, so we can all experience the beauty and power of flowers.

Last week I shared where I shoot my blooming subjects. Below are some of the flowers I have found in each of those locations.

1. My Studio: These Angelique Tulips were not from my garden, but from Bon Fleur Florist in New Canaan, CT. I enjoyed shooting with a white and a black background.Angelique Tulip

2. My Perennial Gardens: Flight of Butterflies Iris is a favorite of mine (though they all are). It taught me that the wind is my mentor. For the first time, I also experienced a flower blooming right before my very eyes.Flight of Butterflies Iris

3. My Cutting Garden: The Blue Boy Bachelor’s Button is best photographed early in the morning. It’s still shady and it’s quiet and beautiful. Also, with the shade I can add in my own light with fill cards.Blue Boy Bachelor's Button

4. Wildflowers: Gloriosa Daisies were the flowers that covered the back meadow for the months of July and August. It was the sun’s reflection here on earth.Gloriosa Daisy

5. Out in nature: While shooting this Canada Lily, I was transported to a place that felt so far away and so peaceful and lovely.Canada Lily

6. Botanical Gardens and Arboretums: The Tropical Hydrangea was not a physical oasis, as the bees thought it was as wonderful as I did! With my irrational fear of bees, I found it to be quite exhausting as they hovered all around me. The end result was worth it, though.Tropical Hydrangea Pinkball

Each flower I photograph can take anywhere from one to two hours. Then there are the many hours of curating each flowers’ images. I love each blooming subject and choosing them. Most of all, I love sharing them with you, so we can all experience the beauty and power of flowers.

Share with me below: Which flower above do you like best?

Gloriosa Daisies. Photographed @ Our Meadow.

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