Globe Thistle

Are flowers fireworks or are fireworks flowers..? I have two favorite holidays and the Fourth of July is one of them! I get so excited to see fireworks every year. I’m always ooh’ing and ahh’ing throughout the entire display. The funny thing is, I’m also always ooh’ing and ahh’ing over flowers and their unique displays.

“Fireworks are flowers in the garden sky.”

Here are some flowers that I think depict the loveliness of fireworks here on earth.

Orange Daylily, Ditch LilyDitch Lily, Photographed in My Garden

Purple Haze Perfume Passion FlowerPurple Haze Perfume Passion Flower, Photographed at the San Antonio Botanic Garden

Cafe au Lait DahliaCafe au Lait Dahlia, Photographed in Anna’s Blooms Garden

Jane Cowl Tropical HibiscusJane Cowl Tropical Hibiscus, Photographed in Jupiter, Florida

Belgian Mums 'Padre Cerise'Padre Cerise Belgian Mum, Photographed in My Garden

Iceland PoppyIceland Poppy, Photographed in My Brother’s Garden

September Ruby New England AsterSeptember Ruby New England Aster, Photographed at the New York Botanical Garden

Globe ThistleGlobe Thistle, Photographed in My Garden

Coral SenecioCoral Senecio, Photographed at the New York Botanical Garden

And then there is the finale in all of its glory. Firework after firework, flower after flower, all exploding in such a beautiful array.

Gloriosa DaisyGloriosa Daisies, Photographed in My Wildflower Garden

Share with me below: What flower do you think most resembles fireworks?

Globe Thistle. Photographed in My Garden.

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