REFLECTING ON 2018 Dec 30, 2018
Reflecting on 2018

What was your 2018 like?

What reflections do you have?

What were some of your favorite moments this past year?

Upon taking a little time reflecting on 2018, I have come up with my three favorite blogs, quotes and Wednesday’s Flowers.

For me, 2018 was a good year, though once again it went to fast. In reflecting on Floating Petals specifically, it was another lovely year experiencing the beauty and power of flowers. Upon taking a little time reflecting on 2018, I have come up with my three favorite blogs, quotes and Wednesday’s Flowers:


Herbs and flowers have many wondrous healing powers; so many more than I could ever imagine. I have learned about some of these healing herbs and flowers from…Reflecting on 2018 | Healing Herbs and Flowers

I have always loved rainbows. When I was in junior high school, my mom helped me to decorate my…
Reflecting on 2018 | I Have Always Loved Rainbows

Last week I posted my 300th bloom. It all started one day in August over six years ago. It was, and still is, a simple idea: sharing the beauty and power of flowers.
Reflecting on 2018 | My 300th Bloom


“Can we speak in flowers. It’ll be easier for me to understand.”
Reflecting on 2018 | Can We Speak In Flowers

“There are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths.”
Reflecting on 2018 | There Are No Wrong Turns

“Do all things with kindness.”
Reflecting on 2018 | Do All Things With Kindness


Amazon Lily
They don’t stand upright or at least not in the way I expect flowers to bloom. Instead it…
Reflecting on 2018 | Amazon Lily

Blue Glory Bower
This is a more abstract view with the wind blowing and my aperture selection. This vantage point creates a little wonder and…
Reflecting on 2018 | Blue Glory Bower

Jump for Joy Rose
What I see…
Dreamy and romantic.
Soft and luxurious.
Reflecting on 2018 | Jump For Joy Rose

Share with me below: Reflecting on 2018, what was your favorite Blooming Blog, Monday’s Flower Quote or Wednesday’s Flower?

Angelique Tulip. Photographed in my studio.

Floating Petals

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2 thoughts on “REFLECTING ON 2018

  1. Cheryl, I’m so touched that my herbal offerings made your list of favorite things of 2018. It helps to inspire me to embrace my mission even more in the new year. Cheers! ✨

    1. It was a wonderful experience visiting your gardens and talking with you. I love how you share not only your love of herbs, but the experience of touching and smelling them. Thanks again for your hospitality and sharing your knowledge with me and so many others!

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